Meet the ETA Fellows

The September 2022 Cohort includes representatives from 12 Caribbean countries and a variety of utilities, governments, and areas of expertise.

ETA Fellows | Sep 2022 Cohort

Vekash Khan headshot

Antigua and Barbuda

Vekash Khan

Technical Officer, Antigua and Barbuda – Department of Environment

Vekash earned a BSc in Biochemistry and Biology (Double Major) in 2014 at the University of the West Indies. He proceeded to earn an MSc. Renewable Energy Technology in 2019. His thesis focused on load forecasting for 3 villages in the Hinterlands of Guyana. After the completion, he was awarded an internship at the Department of Environment, then an apprenticeship and currently holds the role of a Technical Officer. In this position of Technical Officer, Vekash works on several projects such as the GCF Build, Technology Needs Assessment (TNA), EDF/DOE Bidirectional Pilot Project, Sustainable Low-Emission Island Mobility (SLIM) and the SEP/CDB. His focus is on performing energy audits and overseeing renewable energy systems in clinics, churches, and schools. Additionally, he is responsible for researching, selecting, and developing pilot projects for new climate change adaptation and mitigation technologies for Antigua and Barbuda. 

Headshot of renee deshilds


Renée DeShields

Senior Customer Experience Representative, Bermuda Electric Light Company (BELCO)

Renee’ is currently the Senior Customer Experience Representative at the Bermuda Electric Light Co. (BELCO). As the Senior CSR, she is the first point of contact before issues are escalated to the department Manager. She recently completed ILM 3 course in Leadership & Management, where she learned different leadership styles to use while leading her team. Renee’ has also been interested in the sustainability & renewable energy side of business and learning more about BELCO/Liberty’s NET-Zero by 2050.

headshot of Laureno Lima


Laureno Lima

Plant Operations Foreman, Bermuda Electric Light Company (BELCO)

Laureno Lima currently works as a Plant Operations Foreman at the Bermuda Electric Light Company BELCO, where he is responsible for the day to day running of the power plant. This includes meeting customer demand by running diesel generators and gas turbines, troubleshooting, lock out/tag out and issuing permits to work. Laureno has been with the company for 20 years and in a supervisory role for the past 9 years. Since his employment in 2001 he has successfully completed an apprenticeship, journeyman millwright certification and most recently an Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Laureno is passionate about the environment and determined to stay current as the world evolves to use more renewable sources of power.

headshot of aran mckittrick


Aran McKittrick

Research and Development Officer, Government of Bermuda – Department of Energy

Aran McKittrick is a Project Manager for the Department of Energy, Government of Bermuda. Having graduated from the University College London with an MSc. in Environment and Sustainable Development, he returned to his Island home to work for the Government to help with the development of energy related policy, legislation, and renewable energy projects. He helped support the procurement and implementation of Bermuda’s first utility scale solar PV development (6MW AC) at the country’s airport. He is currently the Project Manager for the Government’s Energy Transition Projects working in support of both RMI’s Islands Energy Program and Carbon Free Mobility teams, to help them bring these projects to fruition.

Headshot of Naji Pearman


Naji Pearman

Control Engineer, Bermuda Electric Light Company (BELCO)

Naji has worked for the past five years as a Control Engineer in the electricity transmission and distribution utility field. As a Control Engineer, Naji’s main duties include monitoring, analysing, and troubleshooting system disturbances, and ensuring the safe and efficient restoration of power outages, as well as scheduled maintenance outages. After earning a Second Class Operating Engineering Certification from the Technical Standards & Safety Authority of Ontario, Canada, Naji pursued onwards to continue educating himself, receiving a Bachelors of Science In Business Administration. When Naji is not working, he spends his free time continuing to develop his craft with offering customers custom CNC machined or laser engraved items.

Kurt Savarin headshot


Kurt Savarin

Electrical Engineer, Dominica Electricity Services Limited (DOMLEC)

Kurt is an Electrical Engineer currently assigned to the Generation department of the Dominica Electricity Services LTD. He has been with the company from 2010 and has worked in various capacities and departments with most of his recent focus on their Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI), which he supervised during his stint within the Commercial department. He has been very involved in discussions around smart grid development work throughout the utility. Kurt has held roles as the Dominica Country Representative for the Caribbean Clean Energy Program (CARCEP) as well as the local lead for the Island Smart Grid Working Group and Low Carbon Development Program LCDP Technical working group. Within the Generation department, Kurts’ tasks are mainly project orientated. He is also a member of the National Electro technical Committee and the current chair of the board of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission –Dominica.

Headshot of richard wilson


Richard Wilson

Projects & Design Engineer, Dominica Electricity Services Limited (DOMLEC)

Richard is a Systems Engineer at DOMLEC responsible for Protection and Control Systems and related projects. He currently holds M. Sc. in Engineering in Electrical Power Systems. Richard also holds current NABCEP PV Associate certification and completed the ITEC Programme in Solar Energy for Master Trainers organized by National Institute of Solar Energy in India. In his free time, Richard is an avid hiker and now retired Volleyballer.

Eric Anthony Williams headshot


Eric Williams

Transmissions & Distribution Manager, Grenada Electricity Services Limited (GRENLEC)

Eric Williams graduated from London South Bank University in July 1994 with bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. In 2009, he obtained an MBA from St. George’s University, Grenada. Eric manages the Transmission and Distribution Department at Grenada Electricity Services Limited (GRENLEC). He has held positions of increasing responsibility at GRENLEC since 2000. He is an active member of GRENLEC’s Health and Safety Steering Committee that provides leadership in transforming the culture through continuous review and redesign of the safety management systems. Eric is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Grenada Institute of Professional Engineers (GIPE). He is an APMG Certified Private Public Partnership (PPP) Professional; He is an avid golfer with a handicap index of 9.4.

headshot of amanda logie


Amanda Harris-Logie

Project Officer, Guyana Power and Light Inc.

Amanda is a Project Officer within the Major Projects Department, Engineering Services Division at Guyana Power and Light Inc. Her key responsibilities are supporting the development of the utility’s distributed generation progammes like the Integrated Utility Services (IUS) Model Pilot Programme and the Net Billing Programme. Her academic studies has laid the foundation in the capacity in which she now serves as she holds a MSc Renewable Energy: Technology and Sustainability from the University of Reading. In addition, she also obtained the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) PV Associate Credential. Amanda is also a graduate from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus where she read for a BSc Chemistry.

Headshot of neville brackett


Neville Brackett

Specialist Engineer – Project, Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS)

From an early age, Neville has been passionate about engineering with a keen interest in engineering designs and project execution. He is currently a Specialist Engineer at the Jamaica Public Service Company and focuses on coordinating and implementing grid interconnection projects being executed by JPS, as well as assisting with Net Billing and Auxiliary Connection contract execution and administration. During his six-year tenure, Neville has successfully completed a number of large-scale capital projects, the most recent being the replacement the Old Harbour 60/80MVA Interbus Transformer which has improved grid stability and resiliency for N-1 Contingency trips of critical 138kV lines. Having started his career as an intern, he encourages younger engineers to be bold and take opportunities as they arise.

Headshot of shanna marisa lyn


Shanna Marisa Lyn

Technician Engineer, Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS)

Shanna has served as a technician engineer at Jamaica Public Service Co. Limited for over six years. She currently focuses on metering for Residential and Commercial customers. She also focuses on the metering of Independent Power Providers (Solar, Hydro and Wind). Aim to find a balance between renewables and traditional electricity.

headshot of david leonce


David Leonce

Head of Distribution, Saba Electric Company

David currently serves as the Head of Transmission and Distribution at Saba Electric Company NV. He is responsible for grid modernisation and integration of renewable energy technologies, the construction and operation & maintenance program of the Distribution network. He has work in the utility sector for 30 years on many roles and departments, including, metering, design and engineering, and operations. David enjoys the outdoors and trails on his off time, and spends a lot of time design and building hybrid solar systems. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Energy Engineering Technologies and Masters of Engineering and Public Policy from McMaster University. He has an MBA in Leadership and Innovation from Edinburgh Napier University (Scotland), and a Master of Law in Energy and Infrastructure Law from York University-Osgoode Hall Law School (Canada).

Jonathan Kelly headshot

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Jonathan Kelly

Engineering Manager, Saint Kitts Electric Company (SKELEC)

Jonathan has worked in the electric utility sector in St Kitts and Nevis for several years and has a keen interest in sustainable energy development and utilization. He presently holds the position of Engineering Manager at the St. Kitts Electricity Company Ltd where he is part of the management team leading continuous improvements in the reliability, resilience and sustainability of the electric utility services provided to the island of St. Kitts.

Haniff Woods Headshot

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Haniff Woods

Operations Engineer, Saint Kitts Electric Company (SKELEC)

From an early age, STEM has piqued Haniff Woods’s interest. Growing up he will take apart his toys and constructed new ones which led to the nickname “Mr fix a man”. This drive has prompted Haniff to attain his degree in Engineering Design. Haniff currently holds the position of Operations Engineer at SKELEC and has contributed a decade’s worth of knowledge and experience to SKELEC.

headshot of malaika abigail

Saint Lucia

Malaika Abigail

System Development Engineer, Saint Lucia Electricity Services Ltd.

Abigail has worked for 8 years in the electric utility industry, primarily in the Generation department of St Lucia Electricity Services Ltd. in various capacities. She is currently a part of the planning and projects team, focusing on project development of renewable energy projects aligned with the company’s strategy for meeting the electricity demand in St. Lucia. She currently serves as System Development Engineer. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of the West indies and a Master of Energy degree from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. She is excited for this opportunity to learn and develop further, and most of all to contribute new knowledge for development of the energy sector in St. Lucia.

Headshot of Morrison Creese

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Morrison Creese

Senior Planning Engineer, St. Vincent Electricity Services Ltd. (VINLEC)

Morrison Creese is an Electrical Engineer with postgraduate training in Renewable Energy Technology. He has twelve years of experience in the energy industry and currently holds the post of Senior Planning Engineer at St. Vincent Electricity Services Ltd. In this role he has responsibility for planning for generation and transmission and distribution capacity to meet projected load growth in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as the economic and reliable dispatch of generation assets to supply daily load requirements on the islands.

Headshot of raheem hall

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Raheem Hall

Electrical Engineer, St. Vincent Electricity Services Ltd. (VINLEC)

A graduate of the Electrical and Computer Engineering programme at the University of the West Indies, Raheem Hall is now an electrical engineer at the St. Vincent Electricity Services Ltd. He focuses primarily on the design, implementation, performance monitoring and maintenance of renewable energy and storage systems, primarily solar PV systems. With recent projects, Raheem has delved into microgrids with the commissioning of solar PV and Battery Energy Storage Hybrid Plants in Union Island and Mayreau. In his personal time, Raheem intricately balances his time between being absorbed in the world of cars and motorsports, with developing his leadership and communication skills in his Toastmasters Club.

Headshot of mevrick henry

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Mevrick Henry

Engineer in Training, St. Vincent Electricity Services Ltd. (VINLEC)

Mevrick is an Engineer in Training at the St.Vincent Electricity Services Ltd (VINLEC). He currently works in the Generation Section of the Planning Department. He supports the department’s renewable energy initiatives, which includes work on large scale projects as well as the facilitation of grid interconnection for renewable energy micro-generators. His background involves both mechanical engineering and general management. He is very dynamic, and outside of regular work he is involved in 3D Printing.

Jerry Aseja headshot


Jerry Aseja

Chief Engineer, Energie Bedrijven Suriname

Bio pending

Ritesh Bhagwandin headshot


Ritesh Bhagwandin

Junior Engineer, Energie Bedrijven Suriname

Ritesh is the senior technician of the Automation & Testing department at NV Energiebedrijven Suriname. He started as a Mechanic at the NV Energiebedrijven Suriname and after completing his M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering, he became a Senior Technician. He has done projects in the energy sector in various branches over the years. Ritesh is now in charge of a team of technicians. He currently focuses on micro grid solutions and renewable energy. Ritesh is a proud husband and father to one boy.

Ernesto Kasban headshot


Ernesto Kasban

Lead Engineer, Energie Bedrijven Suriname

Ernesto Kasban BSc. Electrical engineer, is a Lead Engineer at Energie Bedrijven Suriname (NV EBS), Utility Company in Suriname. With his knowledge and experiences regarding renewable energy he leads projects especially in the interior area. He also deals with capital projects financed by international institute. Kasban believes in giving back to the community and strives to encourage others impractically the youth in practicing and researching different renewable energy techniques Through lectures at different high school he expresses his passion for his proficiencies. According to Kasban, Suriname has the potential to help us maintain our title as one of the most carbon negative countries. We just have to set the right example for the upcoming youth.

Headshot of momar pinas


Momar Pinas

Company Technician, Energie Bedrijven Suriname

Momar Pinas is an Company Technician of the Automation and Testing Division at the Suriname Power & Light Company NV EBS. The A&T division completes the commissioning of new substations, including testing of transformers, protection relays, cables, etc. Momar holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and currently serves as the president of JCI Paramaribo in Suriname.

Headshot of teann thomas

Turks and Caicos

TeAnn Thomas

Deputy Permanent Secretary, Turks and Caicos Islands Government

TeAnn hails from the beautiful island of South Caicos in the Turks and Caicos Islands and is the Deputy Permanent Secretary at Turks and Caicos Islands Government. Previously TeAnn was the the Manager of Innovation and Resource Planning within the Business Development and Innovation Department at FortisTCI Limited. At FortisTCI she was responsible for innovation and energy resource planning initiatives, management of the renewable energy program as well as EV technology. TeAnn has worked on numerous projects including renewable energy, electric vehicles, generation expansion, feasibility studies, the company’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) and R-NETS. TeAnn earned a Master of Development Economics (MDE) degree from Dalhousie University and holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Economics from Mount Saint Vincent University. She is also a Certified Associate in Project Management working towards becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP).