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How Can the Energy Transition Academy Help You?

The Energy Transition Academy gives clean energy professionals like you the tools and services you need to build your skills and network.

Fast-track your work with our Interactive How-To Guides, or take a Professional Development Course designed and taught by leading experts.

Build your network and gain valuable insights through real-time experiences such as our Global Fellowship Program and Women in Renewable Energy Network.

Get the answers you need from the world’s best experts, for free, and consult with other professionals in real time.

Solve real world problems alongside leaders in industry, government, and finance, in professionally facilitated workshops.

Featured Services

Our action-oriented clean power guides help you think through what to do and how to do it. Developed by world-class experts and leveraging cutting-edge resources, these guides streamline your efforts and break the work down step-by-step.

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The Global Fellowship Program empowers energy professionals through peer-to-peer learning, advanced technical training, networking, and leadership opportunities. 

Developed and delivered by leading international institutions, our executive education-style, project-based courses teach practical skills and build valuable networks that help you take the next step in your career. Over 200 participants have earned course certificates thus far. 

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Partners in Focus

A Global Environmental Facility funded technical assistance program for minigrid professionals in Africa. Jointly implemented by the United Nations Development Program, the African Development Bank, and RMI.

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The African School of Regulation (ASR) is a hub of training, debate, problem solving and networking on African energy regulation and policy. 

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CEBA is a community of nearly 300 energy customers and partners committed to achieving a 90 percent carbon-free US electricity system by 2030.

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CFAN supports developing countries in securing and structuring finance for climate investments. 

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The WIRE Network is a community of high-achieving and motivated women energy professionals – currently including 570 members from over 60 countries. WIRE works to eliminate barriers to entry and career advancement in sustainable energy by creating opportunities for personal and professional development and enabling connections and collaboration.

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RETA is an initiative to enhance the capacity of regulators to increase the speed of the clean energy transition.

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The Energy Transition Academy is a powerful, flexible platform to help local, regional and international organizations build their stakeholders’ skills and know-how quickly and efficiently. Sustainable development partners (NGOs, technical assistance providers, DFIs, philanthropies, etc.) and corporations can use the Energy Transition Academy to reach new audiences and extend their impact.

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