Collaborative Solutions

The Energy Transition Academy supports and connects decision makers to solve the emerging challenges they face today at the frontier of the energy transition.

Leadership Accelerator

The Leadership Accelerator drives rapid learning for utility professionals, regulators, financiers, civil society, and policymakers while building confidence in bold, new decision-making. The hallmarks of the Leadership Accelerator include powerful dialogue, innovative thinking, and a collaborative solution process to take your leadership to the next level.

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How It Works

A Leadership Accelerator engagement is tailored to develop innovative and actionable solutions for your organization and participating stakeholders. Program elements include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Leadership Accelerator is an intensive training model. Participants join two- to three-day facilitated in-person sessions. A Leadership Accelerator experience is customized and may include one session over a weekend or several sessions over a year, depending on learning and solutions needs.

Programming is tailored to the needs and availability of busy utility professionals, regulators, financiers, and other professionals. It is designed to cover a wide range of materials in-depth with activities designed to help you develop actionable solutions. Furthermore, you leave with a robust peer network to support you in bold and informed decision-making.

A Leadership Accelerator is best suited for decision makers who are facing an emerging challenge at the frontier of the energy transition — challenges due to changing structure, business models, technologies, economics, and regulatory approaches. These challenges often require robust problem-solving by a cross-sectoral set of stakeholders, collective action, or new capacity for change management and innovation.


Other Energy Transition Academy resources may be helpful for other types of needs.

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Partner With Us

The Energy Transition Academy is a powerful, flexible platform to help local, regional and international organizations build their stakeholders skills and know-how quickly and efficiently. Sustainable development partners (NGOs, technical assistance providers, DFIs, philanthropies, etc.) and corporations can use the Energy Transition Academy to reach new audiences and extend their impact.

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