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The Energy Transition Academy offers short-term consulting services with the world’s best experts on clean power — at no cost to you.

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Take the next step in your work and receive up to 40 hours of consulting from one of the world’s best experts on clean power through our Ask an Expert service. This entirely free, 100 percent remote support can help you to advance your work in clean power.

"The Clean Power Hub [now Energy Transition Academy] supported our ongoing grid study by connecting our team with technical experts. The no-cost technical assistance helped our team address several modeling challenges and outlined the next steps to successfully complete our study."
Headshot of Deon Arinaldo
Deon Arinaldo
Energy Transformation Program Manager
"The expert support we received from the Clean Power Hub [now Energy Transition Academy] helped me and my staff fully consider, analyze and recommend important new policy proposals."
Headshot of tutii chilton
Tutii Chilton
Executive Director, Palau Energy Administration

Meet the Experts

The Energy Transition Academy has selected leading global experts to provide assistance to eligible power sector professionals actively working to advance clean power. See some of the available experts below. 

ilya chernyakhovskiy headshot

Ilya Chernyakhovskiy

Senior Researcher, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

headshot of mohit joshi

Mohit Joshi

Energy Systems Modeler & Analyst, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

jose zapata headshot

Dr José Zapata

Principal Energy Systems Modeler

headshot of Christina Becker Birck

Christina Becker Birck

Vice President, International Programs, Cadmus

Frequently Asked Questions

The Energy Transition Academy’s Ask an Expert service provides 100 percent remote support to power sector professionals and others working to advance clean power. This service is entirely free to eligible professionals, and can provide up to 40 hours of consulting/advisory service from one of the world’s top experts on clean power.

Practitioners can submit questions or requests to the Energy Transition Academy, using a brief automated form. The Energy Transition Academy team then reviews the request for eligibility and responds within two business days. A short scoping call may be scheduled to discuss the request. If eligible, you will be connected with a clean power expert who will work with you to provide relevant advice and information.


Requesters will also be directed to the Energy Transition Academy’s other services, including relevant guides. These services have been developed to advance your work on clean power as quickly and efficiently as possible. Using them alongside the advisory service can help make your time with the expert more effective.

The Energy Transition Academy supports professionals working on a wide range of clean power topics. These can include topics related to clean power planning, policymaking and regulation, electric grid operations, clean power project investment and development, and communications and advocacy. Requests related to existing Energy Transition Academy guide topics will be prioritized for assistance. The Energy Transition Academy adds new guide topics regularly.


At present, the Energy Transition Academy is prioritizing requests from the Global South. 


The Energy Transition Academy will not respond to employment inquiries or solicitations for technology development.

The Energy Transition Academy’s experts will provide eligible requesters with up to 40 hours of assistance. This assistance will be fully remote and will take place over email, video conference, etc.


The exact nature of the assistance will depend on your needs, as well as the expert’s background and experience. But you might expect an expert to review and provide insights on a draft report or analysis, provide guidance on a specific technical challenge, share best practices or lessons from other relevant projects, etc.


Our experts are familiar with the Energy Transition Academy’s other services (e.g. Professional Development Courses, the Guides, the Global Fellowship Program) and may direct you to those services if helpful. Our goal is for you and the expert to make the most of your limited, valuable time together.

Please be aware that we need to prioritize requests. The information that you provide will help us do so.


To be eligible, requests should relate to projects, policies, analyses, or similar efforts intended to increase the share of clean energy in the power system. Being as precise as possible, please provide the nature of your effort or project, who or what you are trying to influence, and what you expect to achieve through it. If you can be specific about the services you need from an expert, please do so.

We do our best to review and respond to all requests within two business days, but sometimes that is not possible. If you have not heard back from us within two business days, please contact us.

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