The Energy Transition Academy is a dynamic platform of skills training and peer networking services, with a mission to connect, amplify, and empower the energy transition workforce of today and tomorrow.

People are the engine driving the global shift to clean energy — people like you.

There is an urgent need to decarbonize the energy sector all over the world. To do that, people like you will have to do the work of planning, developing, and investing in the technologies, infrastructure, and systems of the clean energy future.

Millions of people globally will need the right skills and know-how. A recent IEA report estimated that to reach net zero emissions by 2050, 14 million new clean energy jobs will need to be created globally by 2030, with another 16 million existing workers shifting to new roles in clean energy—and a full 60% of these new jobs will require some amount of training (IEA Workforce Report 2022). That means that engineers, bankers, regulators, project developers, government officials — professionals from every market segment in every country — will need to build their skills, networks, and careers as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

That’s why we built the Energy Transition Academy — to help people like you understand, plan, and do the work of building the energy future.

Our free tools and resources are designed to streamline your planning, get you talking to and working with the right people, and get the job done. We work with partners to leverage the world’s best technical expertise and create programs to make your work as simple as possible. 

Take a look around. Do you want to take the next step in building the clean energy future? The Energy Transition Academy can help. 

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Partner With Us

The Energy Transition Academy is a powerful, flexible platform to help local, regional and international organizations build their stakeholders skills and know-how quickly and efficiently. Sustainable development partners (NGOs, technical assistance providers, DFIs, philanthropies, etc.) and corporates can use the Energy Transition Academy to reach new audiences and extend their impact.

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