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Ask an Expert Request Form

Thank you for your interest in the Energy Transition Academy’s Ask an Expert service. Please fill out the form below, and a member of the ETA team will contact you as soon as possible.

ETA’s Ask an Expert Service & Request Eligibility

Our Ask an Expert service offers up to 40 hours of expert consulting support, at no cost to you.


Academic, theoretical, or conceptual requests are not eligible. Eligible requests should:

  • Relate to projects, analyses, or similar efforts that are expected to have real-world impact related to the clean energy transition.
  • Articulate a specific, well-defined challenge in these efforts that 40 hours of an expert’s time can reasonably be expected to solve or meaningfully advance.

For example, past eligible Ask an Expert requests include supporting the government of a small island state in designing mini-grid tariff structures, supporting a think-tank in crafting DER regulation recommendations that were submitted to the government of a South Asian country, and helping a Southeast Asian NGO identify and use the right power sector model for a high-profile grid integration study.

Ask an Expert

Organization Type
Being as precise as possible, please describe the nature of your effort or project, who or what you are trying to influence, and what you expect to achieve through it.
How would you use the expert’s time? Please clearly define specific needs and describe how an expert consultant’s contributions can be expected to move your project forward and make it stronger. For example, if you mention a feasibility study, you can share what technologies and scenarios you would be looking to include. You may also list questions you would pose an expert.